What is wrong with this business card? Not according to the standard.

What is wrong with the design? Business card created for video editors.

It’s a creative idea, but I don’t think it’s working well. There is way too much going on, I don’t even really know where to look. You want the info to be easily readable at a glance, but with this it’s like Where’s Waldo, and some of the info is so much integrated into the editor UI that I’m not even sure what’s actual info or not.

Imagine being handed this card and you’ve never opened a video/sound editor before, you’d have no idea what you’re looking at. The way it’s designed now makes it only useful for an editor to give to another editor, which doesn’t make sense, because the point of a business card like this is to give them to potential clients that need to hire an editor because they don’t know how to do it themselves.

Like I said, it’s a creative idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work in the context of a business card.

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Well, in principle, yes, but why this business card for those who do not do video editing?

The people buying the card from you would be editors, but the people that they’d give their card to would not be editors. The point of a business card is to give them to potential clients so that they have your contact info on hand.

By the way, yes, I didn’t think about that.

hi what @XioxGraphix told u is very true , this is important not to have eyes getting lost in the reading process when sweeping around. This is creative but way too fulll, so that people feel like that nothing is popping out at all and that there is absolutely no hierarchy of information at all , too. I think that unfortunately u have forgotten the “role” of this kind of card , which is to provide other people with personal information so that people can contact them …

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