What is wrong with these reviewers?

I’m not complaining anymore. Because it’s almost impossible to make a strategy in the Elements because I can’t predict what will approve or reject. Just you be the judge!

This is my previous work has been published in September 2021. (I made this in 2019)

And this is my last work rejected for 4 times. (I just change things and reupload).

Still, no explanation for rejection. Please don’t tell me no need for an explanation, is a way to fix or improve your work. No standard for approval or rejection, this is all about the reviewer like it or not.

I have been anxious about Elements future. And I know many people do.


Strange rejection. In my oppinion the second one it’s better then the first one.


In my opinion, the second is worse than the first. There are a lot of different textures that argue with each other. Also, the inscription “300 dpi” does not look distinct and is difficult to read against the background on which it is located


I wish I could see these comments under the rejection reason. Thanks, romlam.

The details which you pointed out are smart objects and totally editable. You can change whatever you want with a simple click. I added color options, change the text to any logo or change the font. You don’t like the texture? Fine, just blind the layer.

The first version was without texture. That was looks a bit solid so I add some textures. That was rejected too.

There is a 3-year pass between 2 work.

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This can also be the reason. Standards change every year. Maybe this category is already too much oversaturated

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I meant, I created the first image 3 years ago but published it in Elements last September.

It’s still in my top 5 products and as I see there is no shield mockup except the first one in the Elements.

The problem is not it is good to publish or not. I’m not getting first-time rejection I’m doing this for years. The problem is, “why we are here to make predictions about why it’s rejected”.

This is the main problem and danger.


First one looks much better, second is… Not as good, IMO

Maybe the market is saturated with simliar items or it’s outdated? It looks great to me but I am author on videohive.

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It’s not quality anymore that determine what goes and what doesn’t. It’s “reviewer A’s” taste vs “reviewer B’s” taste. It started with GraphicRiver and now EE. Why should anyone spend time developing a new item anymore? Each mock-up concept i make takes about 4-5 days of hard work to render, develop and polish. Only to have it land within the rejection panel. No thank you.