What is wrong with rewievers? Searching for the answer.

Hello, friends!

Recently I was making a video and after hard reject was improving it, but it was rejected again with an explanation that is not enough quality level and logo strings are most popular rubric and works there must be super awesome.

So Here is the point
This is my work:

It was rejected about a week ago

but here is the work of elmake ( great guy ) that was approved this days .:

So first question is how reviewers decide that this visual is good, but my visual was not, its quite similar, right?

And second, I found the work (actually there are many such) of the great guy that was published this:

This is a cool idea, but for me the visual quality isn’t so good, it could be much better. So what are the standards? How can I guess what will be cool for reviewers and what will not? Because I start to think that I must to make something not for people, but for make reverse happy about it.

Hope someone can explain me some tips and trick how it works because I am confused.

Has anyone of the community given you some advices after the last submission? I am curious about this story. I am watching to this post to know some more…

Maybe you are trying to sell something that is super common on videohive and envato doesn’t need other variations of this product? :hushed:

I have found 3 cases similar and 1 of these has been accepted today 16 September.

This one is 2 months ago…

This one is about 1 month ago…

Since I think there is some work behind this rejection, it would be kind to give an advice to you maybe…

Yes , here is this topic with discussion

For me it looks like the reason is - reviewer compared your pack with this one above. The are quite similar and to say the truth yours isn’t way better. + No sound designs for animations.