What is wrong with my latest submission?

Hey guys,

I am somewhat disappointed about a recent rejection of a track.

Okay, admittedly it might not be on the highest level of creativity and originality but it has a clear structure, straight harmonics and it is mixed and mastered properly.

Please share your thoughts with me:

Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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drum and bass is dead

Hello friend,
I sorry to say that, but your track lack the commercial purpose. Too “computer” here. You need to make more musical and human feeling. More contrast between parts of track.
Hope you get better luck.

Hello @triggertunes. I aggree with the points of @LongXmusic. It sounds unnatural and it’s hearable that there are no real instruments playing… Too straight quantization and the vsts/libraries you used are also not the best sounding.

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Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your feedback and I will make my mind about the ‘human touch’ in tracks like this.

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You are right and honestly, in my opinion, this is generally a hard piece of work… making a sound more ‘human’ and finding the right balance of quantization. Thank you for your feedback!


You can listen to this track. An EDM but very dynamic feeling.