What is wrong with me????? 40 days - 13 redjects!!

8 reject - 1 approve, 2 rejects - 1 approve and 3 rejects…
https://soundcloud.com/ryani-o/snow - 13th redject
Am I a fool or do not understand something, or reviewers does decide to make out of me a pear for slaughter ?? :weary:

I think it’s just not commercial sounding )))

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So, it’s means i am must to stop trying uploading any my work or idea…:frowning:

Hi! This is very sad. Rejects always upset for sure, but you should never give up and keep learning and trying again and again. For this track I think it’s cool, but really it’s not for advertising. Try to catch commercial feeling by wathicng more ads. Good luck!

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Thanks NisusPrideMusic!! I really long time trying catch commercial feeling but each time It escapes me…

Sounds good! I think your composition Snow is too completed and complicated to be suitable for a wide scope of various hypothetical projects. Was also my mistake recently. Try to compose something much more universal for the people even if it will sound much more boring to you))) And, of course, music shouldn’t be strictly oriented for advertising, inspiring and corporating :grinning:

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Nice music, but:

  1. This arrangement not suitable like most epic music tracks from AJ
  2. Mixing quality not fine.
    Try to learn mixing. And try to create arrangement after listening AJ trends (to undertand specific of background music).
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