What is WordPress theme ?

Hello guys am new here and am just wondering what does WordPress theme that can be sold on “themeforest” mean? does it mean that I can take a free WordPress theme then customize it and then sell it or does it mean that I have to build a theme that will work on WordPress if Uploaded thanks.

All files to be sold here need to be your own original work.

You can use frameworks but it cannot be based on free or premium themes from else where or other envato authors

Okay thanks so I should be the one creates the premium theme.

No offence @istanbouly but maybe Envato should re-consider to bring the author quiz for the newbies

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No it’s okay and yeah I’m a WordPress Beginner but not in CSS , HTML , PHP , JavaScript etc …

ANY item you want to sell here has to be an unique item created by you. It doesn’t matter if it’s WordPress theme, HTML template or a logo.

Okay I got it thanks.