What is votes in codecanyon item?

hello dear,
i’m new into this codecanyon platform. i want to know something such as: what is the votes? i’m thinking the votes is review. can i right or have other? please let me know. and while users will be make review for their purchased item?

i have one item published into codecanyon, and already 2 sales done. but no review i get at this moment.

may be you are meaning this:
Item Rating: Minimum of 3 votes required

Yes then votes mean review from the purchased customer.



thanks for your valuable answer.

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please let me know, how much times need to the buyer for rate the item?

there is no time limit and also not mandatory to provide review. It is totally depends on your customer experience with the item and item Author support. So, Your customer will provide review or not it totally depends on them (customer). Thanks

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thanks a lot