What is UX and UI Design?


Can any one tell me what is UX and UI deisgn and what is the difference between these designs. Kindly don’t give me link, write definition of both in a good manner. I search on google but i frustrated with long articles.


UI refers to User Interface which is mainly composed of buttons, typography, colors, and etc…
while UX mainly deals with “User Experience”, how users log in to your website, how users can post comments (is it via ajax, or traditional form), transitions and animations are part of UX too.


You means as i am already web and graphic designer and i do not need to do any course for this. But can you please tell me i have been in this for the last 10 years so why these words not listen before if this designing is not any special designing.


Hi Yasirzia,
The User Interface and User Experience is one of the most important things in web design.


UI is more about the interface, UX is more about usability. So one is about form and the other is about function but both would be classed as design - as its about the interface design and how the user will interact with it.


Please take a look at to this famous tweet.


Can we say a developer and programmer a UX designer?


No. UX has nothing with coding basically.

You can make a search UX vs UI for more interesting titles.


There are so many overcomplicated answers I am not surprised people are confused, but in my opinion (may be incorrect) but the answer my friend is blowing in the wind (what the hell does that mean anyway?) but user INTERFACE means the interface and user EXPERIENCE means the experience, or to put it another way; UI is what you use and UE is how much you enjoy doing it, actually that’s probably wrong, yes, let’s go back again to the INTERFACE (as a Verb) and EXPERIENCE (as a Noun), aren’t words wonderful ?