what is typography and spacing?

hi everyone
i am new on themeforest i want to create an html template to sell on themeforest but i dont know about typography and spacing standards of themeforest. Any suggestion would help
they rejected my themes almost three time with same issue.
i need help to stop being rejected again and again
thanks in advance.

Welcome to the most crowded market on the planet :smiley:

There isn’t clear standards that are documented. It depends on aesthetical view of point of the reviewer. So you will need to consult an experience designer for your specific item.

Some of the points you can check

  • Typographic Scale needs balancing: http://spencermortensen.com/articles/typographic-scale/
  • Color & text contrast should be easy to read
  • Space is not too crowded nor too little. Spaces must be equal between left & right, top & bottom
  • Line height should be checked: not too much, not too little
  • Use of modern/nice fonts. Use only 2 or 3 fonts in one page.

If you have demo URL, we can give more advices.



thanks Cactus Themes for help
here is demo link of my theme

submitted to themeforest for review link

reply something guys

100% agree with @CactusThemes - it really does depend on the individual preferences of your reviewer. Maybe try searching for popular Google Font combos to get some ideas (it looks like you’re using Raleway for a lot of elements). I’d also recommend double checking your countdown timer (looks a bitt off, as the last second is pushed to a new row) and adding images to your demo instead of the dimensions (just grab some off Unsplash instead of using the “370x220” placeholders). Best of luck with resubmission!

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it doesn’t make any sense, why do you send the project to review if you don’t have any basic knowledge about design?

thank u all guides
i hope after working on all these suggestions my template approved on themeforrest very soon.