what is this theme? / similar themes


pretty sure this isn’t a standard wordpress theme, are there any templates that look kind of like this?

thanks guys!!!


That specific site, is not only about the Theme but it is also about the Design that it has on it.
There is some custom work on top of the theme, to create such a nice sequence and that is why they are doing also crazy sales ( I can assure yu about that, I know some more about them ).

Let me know if you need something similar kostaskatsimitrou@gmail.com

I’s a custom WP theme but apart from double checking GIF support is handled properly then it wouldn’t be at all difficult to create soemhting similar using one of the big multi purpose themes and Visual Compsoer - obviously the high end design is a different matter as a lot of thought/work has gone into that

Check out my theme "Okean"
With some custom modifications, I could prepare it in one day as you wish

Let me know if you’re interested in.