What is this template please?

Hi guys

I’m really liking this template but can’t see what it is. There’s no info in the CSS or any other clues. It’s not Wordpress, just thought maybe someone had seen it before.



It’s not a template from here - it’s no where near the standards for sale on envato. Sorry

In what way does it not meet the standards?

In most to be honest.

  • Design and dev fundamentals are all off e.g. typography, spacing. hierarchy

  • Design is very outdated and basic

  • Various issues and errors on the code

With respect to the site owners envato is filled with vastly better websites

For me basic is just what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions hit me up…

Hello Pete,

You want to make such site or you are looking similar template?

Hi Zac, just a template. I could make this if I really had the time, just wondered if it was an existing template.

As you know yourself there is tons of templates and you will hardly find some template which will suite 100%.
You will need every template customize by your needs.
I have find similar template