what is this music?

hi everyone
what is this music?

According to Envato conditions for use of preview the Videohive author should link to the Audiojungle item, just check the item description.

It would take you ONE click to see that it’s not in there… Why bother answering?

I did click. This was meant to point out to the threadstarter, who is also the author of the item he is linking to, that he should have had linked to the Audiojungle item in the description. It wasn’t my intention to upset you, sorry :slight_smile:

its simple qustion
I want to link to item but I dont khow wher is it !
dont open for me to find the audio
I download this audio month ago .

please someone help
I dond khow why soundlizer dont work but my customer need it

found :grinning:
thanks soundizer