What is this data point in the item referrals page?

I see a lot of refund_request_comment_submitted_notification referrals in the item page, but I did not receive any refund requests yet. Should I fear it?

If you didn’t received any refund request then it means no one requested (fill the form) for refund. but if you got notification about item commnets where customer are asking for refund then you should to reply them in item commnets page and try to fix the customer issues. Thanks

No, I received absolutely nothing. I had only one refund request months ago, but I doubt that the user is now clicking multiple times on the links.

I see only two scenarios in which such a referral can happen:

  • Some users are requesting refund somewhat directly to the Envato team, without contacting me.
  • Someone is requesting refund on other items from other authors and for some reason they must be mentioning my item.

Am I right?

it possible but in that case you should not received multiple email notifications.

no, it can’t be possible. because when customer will fill the form for refund request then they have to select item from the dropdown select box (which will show only purchased things made by them).

Please check the email where it come from and get in touch woth envato author support team and let them know.


As far as I know, users provide a comment inside the refund request, it’s possible that some users are pasting my item URL in someone else’s comment.

I did not receive any email, I just see this string in the Analytics page.

I also did not receive any complaints, I am worrying because I created my first discounting campaign and I fear users requesting a refund from previous full price purchase, only to buy it again at discounted price. Anyway, my policy would be to evaluate refunds only after the discount period has ended.

comments are not a matter to of email notification. comments are use to let other party about the concern.

This type of refund not acceptable. this is Envato Market Refund Rules. if you received refund request better to handle it immediately and try to fix it by discussing with customer.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. I did not receive emails, I did not receive refund requests. I only see this in the item / Analytics / Referrals page and I am wondering what it means:

this is your item page visitors source referral. you don’t need to think about it. the referral can be any item refund request comments mean visitor visit your item using that referral. for example a visitor visit your item using envato forum referral but in forum don’t have any link for your item.

Scratching my head about why that number is so high (59), though, but I get your point. Thank you!

Update: that string disappeared from the referrals page. Maybe it was a glitch or bug.