What is the way to increase my sales?

Hello, my friends.

Maybe this thing has been opened before, but I couldn’t find it. If I re-open it, I’m sorry about the team and other writer friends.

Question 1:
How can I increase my sales?

I’m trying to be a writer who tries to earn revenue through envato like other writers. But my sales are incredibly bad and I don’t know what to do.

Question 2:
A project that is usually Trend is not sold much?

This project has been a trend and its sales are currently at an intermediate level. But some projects (in the same category) can sell a lot. however I can’t get the same sales. I add so many options to my project, but this does not affect my sales.

My Trend Project : [link removed]
But Low Sales :frowning:

I want my experienced friends to help me, please.

If I knew something about this, I would love to help you. please help me.:frowning: