What is the way to have the extended support cancelled ?


What is the way to have the extended support cancelled ?
I am asking for a refund to the extended support for both themes below, since it is not required any more.
(I just bought it yesterday, and now I am now cancelling it, I will be fine with the original support provided with all themes i.e 6 months)

(The fact RTL is not supported by this this, I had to pay the developer directly, to have this feature applied, so extended support is not required after all)


(The extended support is not required here too )


Hello baitona,

Here are the situations in which we expect authors to give a refund on an item and related services you have purchased.

Item support extension not used

If you purchase an item support extension and request a refund of that extension before your existing item support expires you are entitled to a refund of that item support extension.

More here.
You can ask for refund by clicking here

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Thanks Kotofey for your information
I followed the links, however the reply came back with a decline!
Even themeforest decided not to get involved, which is really strange!

I’m having a problem with item support
I would like to a ask for a refund of the extended support since it is not more needed


baitona 3 days ago

Refund declined
Hi Ali,

I’m sorry but Envato is not giving any option on support fee refunds.


You should send the refund request to Envato support, not to the author. Sounds like he night not know the quoted rules on support refunds, but even so, he might not even have the ability to refund just the support element. Support should be able to sort this for you.

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