What is the thing with same vocals in top sellers?

I notice on top sellers page that there is increasing number of songs with similar vocals (wohoohoho…uhuuuhuhu… etc)? Is there a sample library or VST that I don’t know about or they all have similar voices?

Hi @MetroMusic! Check sample libraries Big Fish Audio Shout and Big Fish Audio Scream :slight_smile:

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Notice that you’re not allowed to use the sample libraries from Big Fish Audio for library music without a written permission from them. That has put me off license anything from them.

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I think, that it’s live vocal, double and back vocal tracks.

Everyone wants to be like Timmcmorris :smiley:

I will tell you a secret my friend. Most authors here are using pirated software. They just won’t admit it. And the don’t give too shits about licensing it properly. I am not a fan of it, not too long ago we’ve lost Camel Audio to this shit. I think Apple owns it now.

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For the record, I was only commenting on the Big Fish Audio libraries that was mentioned. I haven’t heard the top sellers in question so I have no idea if they have used those libraries or if its live vocals.
I just wanted to mention that the user agreement differs from the normal in that the user need to get an extra permission to use it in library music. In case someone wanted to buy it to make a top seller they should be aware of this extra step :wink:

“Most authors here are using pirated software” - that’s a rather sweeping statement don’t you think? I’m sure some do but I also think many of us make a point of not doing so. How could we reasonably complain about people stealing our music if we steal software?


It is what it is, I do not use pirated software. Others do, can I do something about it? No. Will I do something about it, no.
Some are here for the long run, some are here for a quick buck. First step AJ should implement, is ID check.

Yes, that sucks :frowning: For some of Big Fish libraries it makes sense because they are construction kits and we all can imagine how many songs can be made from such kit in no time … but for this vocal libraries i think they could allow to use it for RF purposes ´cos its worthless without some complex composition under the vocals :slight_smile: I wrote them months ago without any reply … i even wanted to pay them for some bigger license for the Shout and Scream … as mentioned, no reply from the BF guys :confused:

Then i realized i will make my own indie pop rock vocal kontakt library … one day … maybe :smiley:

Yes, I agree about the construction kits. And, although unusual, I don’t have any problem with the restrictions on the samples either. I just refrain from buying them. But I guess it’s easy to miss these restrictions; how many reads the user agreement when they’re all the same? And I’ve also heard about other buyers who have written to get permission and never receives an answer.

Let me know when your own sample library is ready, and I will buy it! If I am allowed to use it for library music :wink:

@MetroMusic If you’re referring to tracks like my Energetic Indie Rock - I got a friend to do the vocals live. Sample libraries don’t really cut it for vocals. Don’t get me started on construction kits…

As for the ‘sound’ of the vocals, it’s just a style. There’s been a trend going for a few years now in indie music with these “woah-ohhs” and “heys”. Like all trends, it will pass, but at the moment it seems to be what sells. :slight_smile: