What is the secret of success on AudioJungle? (Your opinion)

Hello friends. I think many will be interested in this topic. Let’s share the experience together! What is the secret of success at Audiojungle? (Your opinion). Personally, my experience shows that much depends on a successful set of circumstances.

If 50% of success is quality content, then the remaining 50% is how you supply your product. Do you put the correct title, tags and description of the track. Because if your track is not bought, it means that you show the track to the wrong buyer.
Also Author-Driven Pricing gives you many options for experimenting.

What is the impact of Featured Items on Profile ? (Your opinion)

So let’s talk about it …:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink: over a cup of coffee :coffee:

Well, the “secret” is pretty much the same as for most other products.

Hard work combined with some talent, and quite a bit of luck (right place at the right time).

5-15 years learning to compose and produce the right products for the time, and hard work researching how to market those products (which includes SEO = title, tags), and luck that it gets in front of the right people at the right time, and also that people with power (choosers of featured tracks) like it.

Many times, the very best products don’t become a huge success. This has happened many times in history (VHS tapes for example). But they have to be good enough, and people with marketing power have to promote them.

On your profile? Not much.

Featured track on the front page? Enormous. If it’s the right track for the time.


I think focusing on genres that really makes you excited is key. It really can shine through to the listener if you had fun making it. Of course spread your efforts and diversify in genres, but realise the power of nailing something 110%.