What is the secret of approving music in audiojungle???

Hello there,I am new to audiojungle. :slight_smile: .I don’t know the proper or right way to approve music in audiojungle :frowning: .I want to know my author mates who’s have already musics in audiojungle, What’s your formula mates :P.

NB: I don’t Want to know from Music Acceptance Guide Terms of Audiojungle.I Want to know my Author Mates.[ Plz take it as positively Thanks in Advance ] :slight_smile:

The secret is simply running running again and work on the quality of sound , and eventually learn the secret . And will you have the approval !

Hi there @Minimal-Studio and welcome!

The way I see it, it’s kind of hard to tell you with words what is the secret of approving. There is one simple thing I would suggest you - listen.

Really, just pick up a genre you plan to write in and listen thoroughly to the tracks which were accepted. You might pay attention to certain things: arrangement of the track, length, maybe instruments used and, of course, the quality of the track, as the most common cause of a rejected track is based on quality issues. When mixing and mastering, you could even take a preview of an item from AJ and use it as a refference track (make sure you are critical enough about yourself when working on quality, but not too critical :smiley:).

Also, keep in mind that, generally, you write background music. So your music is supposed to be used in video presentations, slide shows, youtube, commercials and so on. Thus, one thing that I sometimes do is I open videohive, load for example a stock footage video about a happy family and just imagine music that could play in the background.

That’s what I could come up with, @Minimal-Studio. Wish you patience and good luck!


Thanks a lot for your information @ChesterSound :slight_smile:

The secret of approving is just one step - then you also need to know secrets of sales :wink: Just joking.

Anyway, I am highly recommend to watch this video, you will find answers.


Here it is, get ready:

  • 4 chord patterns, get your C/G/A/F ready.
  • 1 ukulele.
  • got hands? got a mic? then you can clap… you will need claps!
  • can you whistle? Use it!
  • Have you heard of the word "inspiration’? This is KEY to gain success. Whatever you upload, use that word in it… even if it something silly like “THE inspiration” or “A inspiration”. It will work, trust me.

Try it, you can thank me later and i will take money via paypal once you are in the top ten… PM me.



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Want a simple, secret formula? Here, it’s really simple:

Approval Probability = Work x Time / q
where q = Quality of other items

Want one for sales too? Here:

Sales Probability = Work x Time x Luck / n
where n = number of items by other authors

I’m here since few time, so not the best to give tips… but I think you have to do the music you know and do better, in the best way you can do. Then, as I read recently and I agree, produce, produce and produce… I add, read, listen and listen… listen to the others but try to keep your own way.
Good luck!

This made my day!

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*Am. :wink:

Don’t ever forget your glockenspiel though.

Glockenspiel! offcourse… dammit! No wonder my last 4 uploaded hypothetical hits have been “temporarily held for further review”.


No it was because you mistakenly used Amaj rather than Am.

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Probably a good idea to listen to lots of stock tracks in different categories. This should help train your ears to the acceptable standard of production, and help you to think about what is considered acceptable in terms of commercially usable compositions as well. Then you can work on uploading tracks that will get sales as well as just getting approved.

Agree with @TitanSlayer . Watch this video tutorial. Leading - our reviewers, who tell about main reason of reject :slight_smile:

But… but i wanted to try something new!

No, No, No. Amaj is not in the spirit of Inspiration. Please note this for future reference.


Work work work and more time)))

:joy: :grinning: