What is the reason of rejection of my Packaging Design?

Hello, I’m new and my first packaging design has been rejected.

I received a mail from envato says “We have completed our review of “Medical Face Mask - Packaging Design” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.”
I am sure, I follow all the general instructions of the file uploading procedure. The package file contains all editable format (.ai, .pdf, .eps) with preview in jpg & png files.

Please, someone could help me why my design doesn’t meet the required quality standards. Thank you for helping me.

hi there , i rather like what u have done but despite the template is definitely original and kind of tastefully executed, to be honest there are also major problems about it. Unlike what happens with a greta deal of submissions, where there is close to everything to redo, in your case, there are only a few points for u to focus on.
1- typo
do not get me wrong this is clean but honestly this is also flat and lacking basically of variations, font combinations and originality indeed …
2- readability
quite frankly u are sometimes on the verge of having contrast problems and being this close from violating this contrast basic principle is leading u to experience readability problems … (and if information is not readable , i guess we can call this a problem, since, the legitimacy of the item is decreasing by far in the process …) not only is a part of the text hard to read but this is also failing to be outstanding enough , see point 3
3- hierarchy
globally , what u have is a bit flat , when there should be clearly identifiable levels of pieces of information, some willingly prevailing over some others and being definitely valued and popping out and this is globally lacking to what u have right now, if u ask me …
4- collection of small things put together
choice of the picture > this is not the best choice u have here … try to bring a photo that brings more life and more relief to the table
icons > the legitimacy of having there is oing down if u give them so “tasteless” colors so in the end , so very little impact , if u wish …
flagging and justification > try to bring something that make more sense and is more logical by uniforming as much as possible
picture of the mask > i think this is slightly too close from the bottom margin , this will in the best cases faire to breath , in the worst one cut really right next to it … which is not that logical for an item which is the central theme of your work