What is the real price of creating NFT marketplace ?

Hi there, since there is no customer service, and questions are outsourced to user community, I thought someone would be ale to help answering my question on the tricky price scheme used here.
I need a simple answer on how much would it cost to build NFT market place using ENEFTI? It is not so easy to get it:

  • the theme is not enough to create a market place and it needs many add-ons; so which add-ons are needed to create it?
  • there are tricky prices (understand misleading pricing is an intentional marketing and selling strategy but hey!) for weird licence types that do not clearly explain what they mean and instead send the customer back to reading even more confusing texts
  • I want to know what I need and how much will it cost to build an NFT market place where I can create and sell unlimited amount of different types pf NFTs. I want to use metamask to login and allow gated access to some sections of the content for NFT holders. Please help in plain English without selling tricks.

You’d be best asking the author of the item…

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Thanks, what author? Who is the author?
sorry, mate but your customer communication on your website sucks (no offense).

The link I’ve provided gives you all the information you need to contact the author, whether you know the author’s name or not. All you need is to know the item name (which you stated in your original post) so you can get to the item page… and instructions on how to contact the author (which are in the videos in the link I provided).

If you are asking about the cost to create an NFT marketplace in entirety and not just modifying a template site, then you would need to scope it properly esp given the specific login and other features you mentioned.

But realistically, done properly, easily tens if not hundreds of thousands of $ especially given that the build is only on significant cost to consider - you need the correct hosting, security, maintenance, legal setup etc.