What is the quickest way to check validity of purchase code ?



Hello There,

I have a question; what is the quickest way to validate a purchase code for a customer without writing code and using API ? Is there a place where we can validate purchase codes in our author accounts ?

Thanks in advance


I’m looking for the same thing, but not finding it.
There should be a quick input form for all authors to use.


I remember seeing an input box for purchase code confirmation on May 2016, but somehow I couldn’t find it anymore.

Maybe Envato has removed it from their latest website builds.

I hope someone will refer us whether there is still a quick way of confirmation or not ?



Anybody has an answer ?



Thanks, I am testing it right now.



Dashboard Plus for Chrome is the best solution I found.


Hey guys,

I just released a simple web app for this exact reason: https://enverify.co/


+1 for dashboard plus