what is the probleme with this logo please ?

hi guys , what is the problem with this logo please ?image


First main problem… the name. Is it Lorem Ipsum(or is just for this forum presentation)? If yes, my suggestion is to find a suggestive title in order to have changes on being approved.


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yes , i will change the title to have changes on being approuved .

thank you for help , appreciate

Not a massive fan of the font, I think Century Gothic has had its day. And for the ‘beast’, the body and the ‘up on its hind legs’ action makes it look like a horse… but the head looks like a ram. It’s mildly confusing. But yeah, a proper example name for the logo is always a good idea, rather than dummy text.


Also, there’s too much fiddly detail on the head - I had to look at it for a moment to figure out what it was supposed to be. With a logo you should look at it instantly and see the concept clearly. There doesn’t seem to be a clear concept anyway, I’m not clear on what usage buyers would have for the logo.

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Hello SpaceStockFootage,
You are completely right, after I see the confusion between a ram and horse, and I will put an example of title, I appreciate your help, thank you

strong text**
Yes, I will try to improve the visu and make it clearer, thanks

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Consider the typography, specially the font sizes of tag line and alignment, and also the overall alignment of the complete composite

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thank you for your help , appreciate !!! i will fix that