what is the problem


please help me i don’t know what is the problem in my design. why it is hard rejected. please help my meney logo are rejected.


Only a company which has the “Colorful House” name can use your logo. That’s the problem.


Yes as say @Burnhambox your name logo is rejected because it’s not name company but your add name company for your logo :slight_smile: lucky.


Rainbow Homes, Spectrum Housing, Colorful Properties, Pride Housing, Chroma Construction?


Yes yes OK.


hi i personally do not believe that this is a matter of name and commercial use being linked to the name for me this is rather that it looks not that impressive globally , the illustration is not bad but the typo and typo combination are rather plain and as i use to mention if so, here this is difficult to go through the reviewing process …


wow thanks


but problem is that if i change litil bit they block my upload. i want perfect idea. thank friends.


Hi @graphicganga,

I liked your work, but I think you should take more time to do some different & most creative.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


sometimes what u can consider as small change is indeed a big one as this is getting into GR expectations, like what happens with fonts … i also have never heard about someone being blocked for this … i have even heard many times about some guys re-uploading exactly the same and getting approved all the same , so i do not think that this is so much of a problem but this is up to u to see indeed