What is the preview size of an item when you search for it and when you mouse over ?

Hi there,

What is the pixel dimension of the presented item…

So basically that’s the question I’d like to know the answer to :smile:

Never mind… I figured it out :wink:

what did u mean? the thunbnail, is that it?

No, as I specified in the title, the pixel dimensions when you mouse over an item.

It’s 590x590

LOL if u see a 590x590 when u mouse over, we definitely do not have the same display lol besides, if it were this size, the main preview would not be reduced

When you mouse over in full hd is 590x590… that’s what I care about, full HD where everyone can see everything. And yes, it’s that exact resolution you can check it with inspect element in your browser of choice :wink:

anyways the the most important thing is that u could get to know what u wanted to know lol