What is the name of this song

Many months ago I listened this beautiful song, but, now that I want to licence it, I don’t know its name, it’s CINEMATIC genre, please help. Thank you very much, Seville1953

I can not upload a MP3 song, I want you guys to listen, maybe you know the name, it is from AUDIOJUNGLE.COM How can I upload for you to listen, any help?

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Hi @Seville1953 , your link is not working.

Hi friend, how can I upload MP3 files from audiojungle.com Months ago I recorded a sample of a song, but I don;t know the name and now I want to licence it. Can I send you to your email and maybe you please help me to find its name? Thanks for your help.

You can upload your preview (mp3) to google drive or soundcloud and put the link here so that we can listen.

OK I will do that, thank you.

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Hello again, this is the link

I do not see your file.

I called it. Cinematic mp3 I checked my drive, it is there.

You need to open access to the file by the link and copy it (this link) here.

I am new in this staff, how I can make this drive “open” to others, if it is too much I understand, I only wanted to licence one beautiful song, which name I don’t know, thanks, you are kind, seville

Well, you can open access to only one file that you are looking for. Click the right mouse button, and there will be a link in the menu (where the chain icon). You do not need to open the entire drive.

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I think I did, Can you try now?

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