What is the meaning?

What is the meaning minimum quality of hard reject. Is it DESIGN quality or CODING quality.

Probably BOTH. but I guess its more like design.

I think it means the overall quality of your item including design, code, usability, customizability, etc… .

Yup could be either but normally it is a combination

Rejected on quality? That is not a simple question and surprisingly difficult to understand and vague. The more I think about it, the more complex it sounds especially when you have not provided any context :wink:

Having said that, examine the top sellers in your category and what they are bringing to the table. What were you lacking in? Is it the UX ? The design? The documentation? It is not enough to just develop something that works and does the job. You need to bring more into this competitive marketplace, I guess by now this is obvious :v:

Good luck on the next submission :+1: