What is the Market for AJ Music?

Hey guys and gals, I am wondering who is buying music here on AJ? Specifically, I intend to compose a lot of music this year after having dipped my toes in the water so to speak, and am wondering whether what I intend to do will fit in here.

I have no desire to write Corporate or Happy music t.m.:slight_smile: , but rather lean towards all things cinematic, and trailerish styles with an occasional foray into harder rock styles.

I notice that composers like Sky-Productions is selling boatloads of well crafted cinematic tracks sometimes even 1000+ sales per track which is a genre I would like to pursue and I enjoy. Where is all this music going and who is the market?

Hope this made some sense…

all types of film production companies, fashion companies, vloggers, DIY stuff, drone footage, wedding companies, news companies, car companies, sports people, etc.

Ah I see, do video game producers buy here also? Thanks for the feedback!

Yes they do, I sold a licence to a video game company today

OK good to know, thanks for your feedback and congrats on your sales.

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