What is the logic for Affiliate prizes?

Nearly all months Envato team give prizes for affiliaters. But why?
They already earn from affiliates, and you give more to them.
As authors, we need them more. Nearly %50 of our item’s price goes to Envato.
Cutting this rate, will be better prize to all authors?
Not for only a group of affiliaters, but for all authors.
And as you guess, nearly all months, big authors on marketplace earn these prizes. Do they really need more? Or small authors need them more?

Affiliaters brings traffic to the markets, which means YOUR potential customers. Its good for the whole ecosystem.

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They maybe don’t need them more, but the opportunity of prizes probably inspires them to work a bit harder at bringing more traffic… which means more customers, more sales, more money for authors and more money for Envato. So if they stopped the incentives, then there would probably be less customers, less sales, less money for authors and less money for Envato.


Agree completely - they’re just motivating the affiliates to keep sharing Envato goods over Creative Market, Elegant Themes, Mojo Marketplace, Template Monster, etc. Btw you can still be an affiliate and an author. Just get our there and promote your items to take part in these competitions too :slight_smile:


Yes, they encourage authors to attract traffic for envato. However, nearly each 2-3 months, we see a prize for affiliaters.
I think this is not a good thing.
And secondly, %50 cutting from authors, is so high. You cant see this rate in any marketplace. Neither Apple, nor google, and others cut so high prices from author’s earnings.

If they didn’t run the competition, and divided the $15,000 between all authors, then everyone would get an extra $0.40 a month. However, there would also be less traffic, so everyone would probably lose quite a bit more than $0.40.

I mean, they’ve done the math and run the numbers on the acceptable risk… so they know that a competition of $15,000 will bring them at least $15,000 in additional revenue. To minimise the risk, it’s probably closer to $30,000 or $60,000 or even higher. That’s including the 30% they’re paying out for the actual referral in the first place, so the author cut is probably higher than that… so it makes sense to keep the affiliate competitions for now. I’m sure they’ll stop them, reduce the prize, or make them less frequent if it looks like it’s not having the desired effect.

Not sure about themes and the like, but when it comes to images and footage… 50% is pretty generous. Even the 36% rate for non-exclusives is double what some sites pay out.


The Prizes are great!!! I entered to all of the one for this year, but I don’t even know in which place I finished and I find that really annoying, shouldn’t they at least send an email showing you some stats on the competition while is on, that I’ll will be even more exciting. Most of the time I submitted my Envato user name and my email and it says " The form was submitted successfully " Does it means I’m in the contest or that they are going to see if can be accepted? After that I get nothing else about the contest, there is not a confirmation email that I’m in or a newsletter telling you about the competition status, I only get more newsletters to enter the contest. I got the affiliate badge level 6 the other day which mean at least I’m getting some referrals. But I’m so lost with this competition :slight_smile: is a bit discouraging if you ask me. Can somebody explain me how this work or if I’m doing something wrong. I know that there must be lots of people doing the same thing and that the competition have thousands of contestants but I just need something to tell me how the whole thing is going while is on or at the end not just the winners :smile:

I get an email at the end of the month showing the winners. Not had one for the April contest yet to be fair, but we’re only a couple of days in. Are you making sure to check the box for updates and the like?

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Yeah I did that, I checked all the BOXES . I don’t remember getting the Email with the winners for March. Where can I find that?

Hi @danywalker I’ve responded to your questions in this forum thread: Envato Affiliate ‘Pool Party’ | Competition #12: $15,000 and unlimited winners!

Thanks for the feedback and questions!

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Hi @aultoon, thanks for your feedback. I highly suggest reading the responses from @Enrize, @SpaceStockFootage, and @WPExplorer if you haven’t already. They’ve done a great job of explaining the thinking behind these contests which is to send more targeted traffic to our the marketplaces which leads to increased sales for authors above the contest investment.

As @WPExplorer mentioned, the affiliate program is something all authors can take advantage of including yourself. If you send a new customer to Envato using your affiliate link you will earn 30% of the sale. If an author uses their affiliate link to send a new customer to Envato and the customer buys the author’s item, the author will earn an additional 30%. This means an author earning 50% will earn 80% on the sale and an author earning 70% will earn 100% of the sale.

I’ve added a card in my backlog to create an affiliate guide for authors. I think this would be helpful to you and others. Once it’s done I’ll share that here. In the meantime, if you’d like some pointers on how to drive more traffic to your item using your affiliate link (this way you get an additional 30%) reply to this message and we’ll contact you via the email in your account to give you a few pointers. Anyone else reading this reply that wants help can do the same.

@aultoon I look forward to seeing you earn more money as an Envato Author AND Affiliate.


Thanks very helpful WillHerring I read their responses :slight_smile:

Thanx ! for yout feedback .