What is the length of review process in themeforest?

I have submitted an HTML Template and it is queued for review for 10 day :pensive:

Sounds about right http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest This is a guidelines be only.

If you want feedback on the meantime you can share the demo link here.

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yeah … I will be really glad to see your feedback on my minimal website http://www.jcreativestudio.ml/rocket.html

I can only see it on a phone for now and you have some issues with alignment, scrolling, cropped content etc.

Without seeing it on a desktop it looks like there may be amends needed on typography and spacing too.

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oh … so it is hard rejected :sweat_smile:
This means that I still need to do a lot of work …
how many versions and theme colors should I include ?
… Frankly I knew this is not up to the par
But I wanted to hear from the reviewers

Looking on a desktop:

  • It’s quite slow to load up the main hero image

  • typography does need work esp on the main image

  • there’s quite a few inconsistencies on padding and margins exp on section top/bottom

  • testimonial is v cramped, likewise social icons on team members

  • portfolio item image of not central nor full width and copy content could be improved

  • header needs work as logo is very small and nav alignment feels strange

The biggest issue is premium value - ok is not good enough here anymore especially in what is probably the most competitive category of all.

If you want to go down the one page site route then you have got to implement something unique that sets it apart from the hundreds if not thousands of very high quality alternative.

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Thanks very much.That what very constructive and insightful :innocent: