What is the latest version of Celeste and with what version of wordpress does it work?

I have an older version of Celeste from 2019. I see an update theme download in my account but have no idea what version of wordpress it will work with. Anyone knows?

The theme’s landing page on ThemeForest lists supported WordPress versions as well as a changelog. It’s always recommended to visit that page first to find important information like this.

To summarize:

The latest version of the theme (1.2.9) fixes critical compatibility issues with the latest version of WordPress (6.2). In other words, the latest versions of both will work together, but make sure to update the theme first so you avoid that critical compatibility issue.

It’s also a very good idea to take a backup before doing the upgrade because that’s a sizable jump. It doesn’t look like there’s anything “breaking” in the author’s changelog, but software can always behave in unpredictable ways.