what is the issue in my landing page design

My first submission rejected

please upload image format .jpg for we can help you, thank you.

ok i will upload here.

I think that this is for themeforest psd but not graphicriver.

Definitely belongs on TF not GR but either way it’s miles off the standards.

Almost all design principles need work esp typography, consistency, spacing etc.

Presumably, there is more to it? Landing page or not there’s no point having all those links in the footer unless you are planning on designing them

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Thanks but please help me how to upload on theme forest landing page PSD design category.

Requirements are here https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000473383-PSD-Templates-Submission-Requirements but you have a LONG way to go in terms of improving design and features before it is ready - this category requires faultless design execution

Yes ok but I see there is UI Template category so I need to upload there? I am not see there any PSD template category there.

Yes they have obviously grouped them together so that is the right one

hi first of all submitting in the wrong category, alone, can the cause for an item to be hard rejected. Then, the thing is that your template is having major problems anyway. First of all, color combinations are not really super harmonious or making sense … u should think about complementary colors, colors shades or themed colors , as, try as we might, this is hard to identify why u picked these colors … In addition, u have a big issue one contrast for some texts that , in a snowball effects lead ut to be confronted with other problems, as the readability of some texts is not good enough yet and there is also a problem as regard to hierarchy since the main title is not only hardly visible and readable as such but this is also very far from popping out as expected. Otherwise the icons are not aligned and between the contrast thing and the alignment issues, u basically violate two of basic design principles. How to understand the choice of the disconnected black color in the yellow area , too? hard to tell … Then, the logo is well positioned in terms of location but is too close from edges, this is making the design look crammed and the logo bot to have breathing enough so that this is valued. The plate at the bottom of the page is not bringing anything too much to the table in terms of aesthetic and graphic design and is not properly placed at the moment, too close from elements , once again, this is choking as a result of this … also, the footer is completely misbalanced, super empty globally, especially in the sideways where there is absolutely nothing while the center is more busy
last but not least, if u ask me, the global style is kind of a bit simple and would require u to push the envelope graphic design wise, in my view