What is the Hard Reject and Soft Reject


I recently submit two files and get this reply: “Unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Is that Hard Reject?

I couldn’t find why my file is getting rejected. How could I find in which area I need to improve? Please help me on this matter.



I am not a GraphicRiver specialist, but maybe these articles can help a bit with understanding soft&hard reject:

In your case, it is a hard reject

Thank you guys! But can you please give me an idea about why I get this reject? I am new here…And I can’t able to find my fault!

  • Too simple
  • There are many similar footages on this marketplace
  • Only 2 object (it’s too small pack)
  • Shadows looks too dirty
  • Different sterilisation. The first image was drawn whith smooth gradients. Second is more stelization (flat shadow areas)
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Okay Thank you! I understand!

But do you know about any place for quality standard, where I can check my work before submitting it? Please help if you know!

You can share your item here, and ask for an opinion of other authors

Apologies…Do you know any specific board for this purposes or do I have to create new thread!

As you wish. There is no separated topic for rejected items, or for items before submitting. There is separated topic for rejected items only on the russian-speaking thread. So you can share your item in this topic, or you can open a new topic