What is the expected review time for new service on Envato Studio?

I’ve sent several emails using the form on studio.envato.com, but I haven’t receive a reply. 12 days ago we submitted a wordpress installation service and shortly after, we receive a reply, but since then we haven’t heard anything. Is that normal?

Hey zendcrew,

For the Envato Studio that is definitely not something you should be expecting. Try contacting Envato Studio Support and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you either find someone else to provide the service, or provide a refund.

Best of luck!

hi, blayzermarketinggrou i am the service provider, i submitted a service which has not been approved

Hey zendcrew,

If you’re trying to offer a service it’s likely you’ll be sitting on your hands a while. Envato’s reviewing process is notoriously slow - I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re waiting another 2 weeks or longer.


thank you blayzer_landon i gues i have to cross my legs and toes and simply wait, because even the support team is currently offline

If you are applying to become an approved service provider then I’m afraid you will have a long wait as they are not currently accepting anyone new

I’m already a service provider, i just submitted my first service 14 days ago.

will someone be able to submit a service when you are not an approved service provider? is it possible

Anyone can request a service or place a job but only approved providers can respond and offer their services

ok, how about submit a service for review? because i did that 14 days ago and is still there

this is the reply i got after submitting the service

Hey sundayfanz,
Thanks for submitting your first service for this category: http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-installation/45791-wordpress-theme-installation
Your service will now be reviewed by our review team. At Envato Studio, we review all service providers to ensure that they have the skills and experience required to be a successful provider.
We aim to have services reviewed within five business days but during busy periods these times may be extended. The Envato Studio review team works Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.
All the best, The Envato Studio Team

Edit: as we can’t see the queue for studio projects the only option is to wait for them to reply.

I joined the studio when it was microlancer and submitted a service umder Graphics then

I’m not sure that’s the same thing - I can’t see a profile in envato studio for you. Have you got a link to one?

If it’s different then that would explain the delays while they are not taking on anyone new

That message you got does sound like the one they send to new provider applicants

my username used to be sundayfanz which i later changed to zendcrew which is my new company name

I don’t see any envato studio accounts under either name.

I am pretty certain it is very different from microlancer as studio providers are all hand picked and invited by envato.

There’s a page where you can register interest but you would still need to be chosen by envato to become an active provider.

we only get such message whenever we submit a service under new parent category

can you please help me talk to the studio?

All you can do is email studio support - I still don’t think you have an active provider account there but only they will be able to confirm it https://studio.envato.com/contact

Yep, i’ve done that already, but no any reply from the support team.