What is The Exact Meaning Of Regular License?

I have decided to Buy an E-commerce Theme For Selling Other Company Product like Electronics,Appealer,Shoes,etc…as Like Philips Radio,Levis Jeans etc.i need a Help.
I want to Know About the Exact Meaning Of Regular License.
I have Some Question About License
Please Follow this Link and Answer me

1> What is the Meaning of Number of end products?
2> What is the Meaning of Use in a single end product?
3> What is the Meaning of Use in a free end product?
4> What is the Meaning of Use in an end product that’s sold?
5> Can I Use This For My Company?
6>Please Suggest me some Best Website For E-commerce Purpose.

Check this link: http://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular

It will answer your questions regarding Regular license.