What is the criteria to build a new theme

After 2 consecutive failed attempts of 2 themes (Both hard rejected in first review), I am bound to ask these questions:

1- You put effort in designing a theme, then develop it and then it gets hard rejected saying “It isn’t the quality standard to be put on market”. All effort wasted? How can we avoid having hard rejects?

2- Is there a way to get our product approved in stages? So we do not waste our time and money? For example… First review after design, second after HTML/CSS conversion, third after basic theme development and lastly after complete theme.

Please advise as detailed as possible as its so depressing.

Thanks in advance!

  1. this is inavoidable. The only solution is to take the time to check standards and create something original that abides by best practice to minimise the chance of rejection.

In terms of rejected items being wasted - you you can resubmit items assuming enough of an update or change is made, however this would need to come close to an entirely new project, and really if something is rejected then there are issues that you don’t want to drag into the next project.

  1. absolutely not this would create chaos and horrific delays.

Like with anything, success here is not easy or a quick win. It takes expertise, time and commitment.

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Many thanks charlie4282, your reply has opened many doors for me. I was feeling lost but seam to have found track to move on.

I will help you in building the theme also with complete guidance.

Please contact here wpfunction@gmail.com

I have seen your theme “Carps”, really good work. I will email you tonight, definitely would love to have a mentor like you.

Thank you for appreciating our theme.

We have more WordPress themes .You can email us from the profile contact email. We will have further discussion over there.

hay wpfunction

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Hi everyone!
Can someone help with advice?
I can build some themes from scratch using a PSD-mockup.
But creating theme for themeforest seems like more complicated.
Can someone give a guidance or a vector where to start and direction where to move?
I really need your help.