What is the Classical Piano Section For?


I attempted to move one of my tracks to Classical Piano as it had zero views in the Cinematic section. I have been informed by a couple of reviewers that it doesn’t fit that category.

Please can someone clarify exactly what should go in the Classical Piano section, as time and time again, solo piano compositions that are not copies or inspired by Bach/Mozart/Beethoven/Schubert et al, are allowed to be placed here, which is fine as far as I’m concerned. What I’m not happy with is that there appears to be nowhere for my solo piano compositions to go, apart from cinematic, and many other authors don’t seem to have this problem.

I can’t use Folk Acoustic for certain tracks as they are too ‘Classical’ and I can’t use Classical Piano category as it is not Classical enough!!!

I think we need staff @kingdog @adgstudios to define what Classical Piano is for apply it to all and make sure everyone is treated the same.


You’re not alone! I have had plenty of orchestral and piano/strings tracks re-assigned to the corporate category :scream_cat: Please Envato give us a category for original /contemporary classical tracks! :smile:


Maybe a subcategorie like: Light classical?


If you’ve ever heard me play the piano, you wouldn’t want me to define anything…ever again :smile:


Ha ha That’s funny! Ok, maybe not you then…!! :scream:

But, what about looking at adding a sub category? :tada:



Well, light classical doesn’t make much sense but I believe you usually call it “modern classical” which of course in itself is an oxymoron… but there you go.


Hmmm, Contemporary Classical might cover it then perhaps?


That sounds good to me. When I hear it, I think: “classical sound with a modern feel”.


Contemporary Classical works for me! :slight_smile:


All fine with me, if we can “draw outside the lines” of classical with this one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:raising_hand:So any chance of a new sub genre @kingdog @ADG3studios @scottwills ? :musical_keyboard:


You will be my new hero if you convince Audio Jungle to create a solo piano genre.

As far as I know, they like contemporary solo piano pieces in the Cinematic > Romantic, Sentimental category.

I also wonder if the average person looking for cinematic piano type music is going in the classical section, for lack of a better option, looking for something there other than Mozart, Bach, Beethoven type stuff.


+1. Sounds like a needed addition. What do you say Envato?


I think that contemporary solo piano pieces get lost in Cinematic > Romantic, Sentimental category, which is what I keep finding personally.

I think they are very useful tracks for film/video makers and commonly heard in advertising and film. Makes good business sense for everyone for the contemporary solo piano tracks to be found!!!

I would very much like to be your hero Greg! :wink:

Please @KingDog a new category for the poor Piano please, Let me be Greg’s hero!


Going to bump this one, anyone going to reply regarding this pretty please?


Hi Flossie, at this point there are no plans that we can comment on regarding updates to the category structures. The Classical Piano section is meant to house tracks that are composed in classical style, inclusive of older structures, for example the Baroque period, and not simply “inspired” by the actual works of classical composers

Anything that has a distinctly more contemporary and cinematic sounding arrangement and composition may be moved to another category at the discretion of the Review Team.

Generally, “piano only” pieces that have less complex arrangements, that flow more straightforwardly as far as progressions go (by classical music standards), or that lend themselves better to cinematic use than classical piano per se may be moved, either at review time or afterwards during library management efforts.

For the time being you are free to select tags that indicate the “piano solo” nature of a piece that may reside in a cinematic category, as faceted search results will take that into account.


hi, how i can change category of my track? my piano track has zero views too(


Contemporary classical usually has a art music or experimental connotation. Genres get tough… I would be in favor of a more general piano music category with classical as a sub genre, but that might be opening up a can of worms.