What is the best track length variations?

Hi fellow composers,
I am considering adding some different length version to my forthcoming track uploads.
What is your best experience with alternative versions, edits and best time length?
30 sec. 1 min. ???
“No drums” versions? etc…
All the best :sunglasses:

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1:00, 0:30 and 0:15 are usually good to fit different ad spots. Sometimes buyers ask me for “no drums” versions, I guess it’s better for VO. Most important though is to provide different intros and endings.


I agree with @Stockwaves. I go with the holy 2:00, 1:00, 0:30 :slight_smile: And sometimes add a “no drums”, or “no lead” depending on the track.


I agree with MeGustaMusic +!

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Definitely good advice.

I started re-mastering my portfolio because of new headphones
and I thought, after reading a recent post, to extend my songs,
with 0:30, 1:00, 2:00 variations (same as regular track, but edited for time).

But today a thought came to my mind…

I know that a lot of customers, if they like the song / audio track,
they basically download the watermarked version, use it to test with their video
and if all goes well, they buy a licence.

Now, if your (or mine) watermark preview contains more variations of the song
most of them would find hard editing that to cut what they like,
so maybe they get discouraged and skip to some other track,
even if you put more effort than usual into that track to create more variations.

For commercials it’s good to have 0:30 definitely
but if that song is more suited for 2:00 mins and you have a long chunk of variations
then the watermaked preview song it’s not useful for preview in their project (until they buy it).

any thoughts ?

I’m planning to invest more time and create variations for all my songs
to maximize exposure but…if more than say 70% of buyers want to test the watermark preview
is it really worth having more variations of the song edited for time ?