What is the best reverb for ambient music?



Today i have purchased the Shimmer reverb from Valhalla. It sounds so great for ambient, lush, huge sound. I just test with my Korg Ms 20mini today. It’s my favorite reverb plugin now. Hope you have fun.


Valhalla is great!!!


Any reverb with the long tail, basically will do the job :smiley: Valhalla is great though!


I have tried some other. Shimmer reverb is very great for lush, huge ambient sound.


Yeah, valhalla is awesome. I was a bit sceptical since the price for vintageverb was only 50$, but it has become my go to reverb, I use it 99% of the time now.


I have purchased Shimmer and Plate. Maybe i will buy the Vintage too. @WaveToys


I highly recommend VintageVerb, you’ll love it! :slight_smile:
Try the demo


Thank you very much @WaveToys


I demoed B2 reverb by 2CAudio and it’s now on my wishlist. Great sound!


Ableton native long reverb is awesome!


I heard a lot of 2CAudio but haven’t tried it. :smiley: @lucafrancini


Cool sound, but my favorite reverb for Ambient music is Eventide Backhole.


I bought it too. A little bit darker than the Shimmer but i love it too. :smiley: @melodrama


If you are rich - Universal Audio´s any reverb. If not - any reverb built-in your DAW. xD Best Regards!


:smiley: UAD is great. but not all the stock reverb have the character of other reverb plugin like Eventide Blackhole, Valhalla… I have used a lot of Logic Space Design. @REYLLAND