What is the benifit of Trending badge on product?

Hey Guys, I have a trending ribbon on my template.but I did not get anything special.
It was good in analytic and sales before that badge and got 7 sales in one day. but after getting that badge has less traffic and no sales.
can any one share his experience?

You get a shiny nice badge and you’ll show up in the results if somebody sorts searches by the ‘trending’ option. I’d be very surprised if any reduction in sales is as a result of getting the badge.

Another benefit of that badge is that it will catch the attention of buyers and might buy your item. But it is not always in that case. I am also wondering what would be the basis of having a trending badge, is it because it has more sales? More views? More comments or what?

The item search has Tranding as one of the ways to sort. Also I guess generally search algorithm gives better priority to trending items. Thats the benefit addition to the visible Trending label.

Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge. @VF1 @SpaceStockFootage @probewise
But in my case I got zero sales after getting this badge and sudden reduce in analytics. I don’t know why. :frowning:

As per my view, trending icon mean that traffic on your item is increased extensively since last 24 hours. But it is not guarantee that the item would grab good sales.

Yes, its not guarantee for good sales but i got less traffic as compare to yesterday. it was almost 600 views but today only 190. that is why I am worried.

Was it on the home page yesterday though? That could explain the drop if it’s a very new item.

yes it was on home page yesterday and still on home page

Yes but it is not that they immediately place the trending icon on your item when the traffic boosts. There may be gap and also the icon stays for 1 to 3 days even traffic decreases.

So it is only for 2 to 3 days?

It’s there for as long as it’s trending. That could be a day or it could be forever. It’ll soon go if you’re not getting any sales, comments or views though.

Okay. Thanks @SpaceStockFootage.