What is the bad side of GPL theme?

As many developers work hard but someone steals a theme from the original author and sells it from a different website at the cheapest price which is unfair and unethical and the original developer suffers a lot. is it a safe GPL theme? if someone buys that theme how people will suffer in the future?

Why You Should Stop Using Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes

When you download an extension from a source other than the developer (or a trusted repository like WordPress.org), you don’t know what else is lurking in the code.

Malicious actors like to use nulled plugins or themes to insert their own nasty payloads, like injected links for SEO, or even more sinister actions.

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There is no suffering for end users but for the creators :cry:

In theory, WordPress’ GPL licensing means two things for those who seek to create ‘derivative’ products:

  • Anyone is free to utilize, modify and distribute your products without restriction.
  • The only value you can offer is premium support and automatic updates.

Credits: KINSTA

Any software product, regardless of the licensing must have a solid support solution around it. Nobody else can support your software as you can.

Consider that the purchase of most themes and plugins is motivated by business needs. People put a lot of time and money into their business and therefore, they will not risk investing in pirated goods.

Likewise, nobody wants to put money into a product that will go out of business or will eventually be abandoned by the creator.

Once you realize this, you will stop looking at your product as merrily source code but rather begin to understand that customer support is a significant selling point. So too is the functionality of updates.

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So, That means when your business will grow it will start its bad roles like injecting bad links or getting the debit credit card information that will be suffered for both users who are operating this kind of theme and customers of that user who is purchasing products from users website?