What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



Maybe it’s time to stop the endless race creating the same tracks? Make 1 track for each from the author. will the scan time 3-5 days during this time, you can create the another track. We wait half a month. as a result of either “rejected” or the tracks are not for sale.

You must understand one truth: due to the constant flow of your tracks do not have time to gain enough views. Those customers who may like your track, do not see it in the stream, and do not want to use the search engine - it takes time. as a result, the client buys the first suitable track from the new ones . The result is 1-5 sales and the track flies into oblivion.

Made limitations 5 tracks as a result, the authors have created multiple accounts and the restriction was useless. And no one’s fixing that.


Be patient, they will require to assign an ID to account. And then half of the accounts will disappear :customs:


I do not understand Envato creates a new kind of weapon that needs to be invented, tested for years?

What patience are you talking about? Once again, I repeat, you do not need to make 5 identical corporate tracks if 1 track can score the same number of sales, provided that it will see a larger number of customers.

The authors turned into robots. No creativity. machines, the same thing, the same thing.


I hope the transfer of tracks from one account to another will also be implemented automatically and will not need to write to support .


Finally!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Almost 12 days for a track.

dear envato !

12+ for 2 SFX pack

thanks envato


11 days


11 days for track


11 days & 11 hours


11 days, very close to 12 for 3 music hard rejections, thanks envato!!


Almost 12 days for a track


11.5 - 12, pack.


12 days piano pack


12 days piano corporate track. Thanks!


11+ for approved logo, 1 SFX pack, 3 SFX



11 + for cinematic track. Thank you and Merry Christmas ! :slight_smile:


12 1/2 days, luminous tech logo


12+ for approved SFX Pack and rejected music


12+ for a track.