What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



15+ days approved logo :sunglasses:

thanks envato!


15, almost 16 for rock pack.


15 - almost 16 days for approved logo :slight_smile:


Almost 15 days corporate


15.5 days, pack.


I joined AJ in 2017 and I have submitted tracks twice with a queue length of 8 to 10 days. So far only 2 tracks have been approved. I currently have 5 tracks that have been in queue for 11 days and counting. Track review is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. Not just in terms of days in queue but also consistency in the track approval process.


Hi Greg. I’ve been uploading to AJ since 2012 and have seen review queue times that exceeded 30 days. 11 days doesn’t seem that alarming by comparison. The number of tracks uploaded here every day is extremely high, and with each year, it gets higher.


Thanks for the advice and I totally get what you are saying. I’m simply pointing out that the review process needs to be improved in a way that makes good business sense for everyone despite the millions of uploads that are currently in queue. I’m sure that one day the top decision makers at AJ will put a more proficient process in place that we all will benefit from but until then the current set-up is all we have, so patience is virtue and I’m going to focus on composing tracks for the next queue and expanding my music library. Much success to you and everyone else in the AJ family.


Track - 15.8


15.5 days for music track, thanx!


Close to 16 days, a track


Pack - 16.1


16+ days Dubstep track.


upbeat-indie-rock - 16 days


15 days, track.


15 days for track


Around 16 days, track.


16 days a pack.


Precisely 15 days and 6 hours for a standard music track


16 Days for both Sound Effects and Logos & Idents. Thanks envato! :grin: