What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



18 days track


17+ days for logo. Approved :slight_smile:


17 days, a track.


I don’t like to wait that long, it is true, but for me, nothing can’t kill my productivity. I do not produce only if I’m ill, or traveling. I want to encourage you - keep on doing great music :slight_smile: If you love it, nothing can stop you. I wish you the best my friend :slight_smile:


17 days :christmas_tree:


+17 Days for Ambient Track!


17 days Music




Thanks for encouraging words Fox_Production! :slight_smile: I’m not saying I’ll stop producing music, I just find it difficult to work on AJ material when the delays are so long. So I go and work on other stuff. I was just trying to give Envato a little hint on how some of us authors might feel about those long review queues, if they care…


I understand. I feel the same. Good luck :slight_smile:


17 days epic track


The only disappointment is aiming on Tuesday but landing on Saturday :grinning:


17.5, pack.


The Epic 17,5 Days


17,5 days - Middle Eastern track.


17.5 || Music


17,5 days for cinematic music.


Track - 17.7


17.0 pack


17+ days Pop track.