What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



18+ days music track


Endless time for eternal rejection (18 days Music )


18 days, Music :slight_smile:


18 days.




19 Days - Tracks CORPORATES !
19 Days - Tracks CORPORATES !
19 Days - Tracks CORPORATES !

market saturated audiojungle



when I started it was 4 days :sleepy:


18.5 days for Christmas track) Thanks envato)


18 days for a rejected logo
waiting for 10 tracks (logo, SFX, Music)


The Christmas Kit - 17,5 days


Hi all!

We just wanted to acknowledge that the current review queue times have grown higher over the last few weeks. The main reason for this is the seasonal high for new item submissions. Traditionally late-October to late-December show increased wait times, but this does decrease significantly in January. We have all our reviewers working on the queues to help bring the wait times down as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Thank you for the notice @steve_lam,


thank you


thanks your!))


I hate to be the one who says this, but - if it’s so predictable, that means thaaaaaaat… :smiley: You know… You could be prepared for it.

In case you’re interested in such info - when review times are as high as they are lately, it absolutely kills my productivity. I haven’t uploaded anything for more than a month and I used to be an active author here. It might be just me, but it also might be bad for the business to allow having such long review times… After waiting more than 2 weeks to get reviewed and then ending up with a track that sells poorly or even gets rejected… That can only demotivate and push authors away from AJ. 7 review days max. Better 5.


17.5 Days!


18+ for 2 music rejections
2 approved sfxs

thanks envato


17+ track


17+ SFX

thanks again Envato


Almost 18 days


18 + Music track