What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



No. We are talking about the authors who make duplicate tracks changing 1 note. It doesn’t say that the sound can’t be the same.


I think they do not bother with that…

Example: When “SkyIceberg” had an featured item, the guys from this community found the same track on “GORILLA-SOUND” account. I reported it. The “SkyIceberg” track is now deleted, nothing more than that… And guess what, this week featured author is “SkyIceberg”.

We come to a strange conclusion here, what do you think?




17-18 days Indie Rock


You’re so right! I’ve come across a lot of such cases and it’s a shame that it destroys all the other users


So sucks. I’m a user who just started taking Aj as a day job and creating lots of clips
Waiting a lot of time for each section approval and do not always confirm because of my mistakes but you want to keep some constant sequence and not wait 15 16 and sometimes 17 days for approval.

Hope they will find a wise solution to this whole story.


Only approved. 18 days have passed


more than 10 tracks (music, SFXs and logos) 16/17 days in waiting

hope they’ll approve all or the most of them


17 days + 4 hours music


17 days corporate


Common Guys what is so unusual ?
Its Christmas Its Good =)


16 days track…


17 days +3 hours music


17!Аpproved :slight_smile:


almost 17 days for track


As soon as my finger got ready to push the button “Delete account” , the track was approved… It works! 17 days corporate :muscle:


Track. Indie Rock. Review time approximately 16d 13h 38m. (I don’t know how many seconds it was) SORRY!


16.5 days.



16,5 days all rejected but already replaced <3


16+ days for Folk.