What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

5.5 days for music

little over 6 days for music here

Same,little over 6 days for music!

5,5 days for track

5 days for romantic track.

Almost 6 days. Acoustic track (approved)

5.5 days, kit.

5,5 days for sentimental track, not bad:)

6.day corporate track

5.5 days for hip-hop

5.5 days for cinematic.

Hello everyone ! 5.5 days for trailer. Thank you ! :slight_smile:

5.5 days for cinematic. Thanks envato!)

5.5 for funky thanks!

5.5 days. Approved some hours ago, but there are still no any search results on this item for some reason…

Does it have any views?

Now, it seems yes.

5.5 days for Indie Folk !!!

4.5 days for Hip-Hop track! Thanx Envato!

I think it is 5-6 days…