What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

9 days, good job Envato team

8.5 days, thanks.

Close to 9 days, hip-hop. Thanks!)

8,5 days… cinematic genre.

8,5 days Folk, Acoustic
Thanks @BRLStudios :slight_smile:

Wow :smile: . First Logo/Ident music approved. It took 9 days. If you have time please rate and comment. Thank you.


This forum is now a self promotional facility - following yesterday’s discussion I will absolutely not be sleeping tonight.

8 days for Hybrid Cinematic! :slight_smile:

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8 days :slight_smile:

8 days kit.

9 days for rejections :smiley:

8,5 days for piano track.

8,5 days for corporate track.

8,5 for music

almost 9 days for music track

9,5 days for Music Pack

8 days for hiphop track!

8 days - Disco

9,5 days for track

8 to 9.5? Interesting.