What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

10,5 days confirmed

Almost 11 days - Motivational APPROVED. :sweat_smile:

10.5 days for ambient/chill track. Approved!

10+, closer to 11 days. My new Inspiring soundtrack approved!

Almost 11days For one sound effect - still waiting. :frowning:

Where’s the funny Audiojungle meme thread? I need to pass the time while waiting to get reviewed.

Edit: Ah, here we go Audiojungle Memes

10 days + -

11 Days Approved first item on Audio Jungle :sweat_smile:

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10 + days for motivational track :slight_smile:

10 days almost 11, when it will come to 4? :smile:

10.5 days for cinematic track :hushed:

10-11 days!!

10+ days and approved!

10 days. Corporate track Approved

10.5 days romantic track

12 days music kit - silent…waiting :rage:

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Hi there,

I uploaded something like 15 short idents and sound FX 21 days ago… 5 have been approved in 9 days and they put everything else on “Special Circumstance” queue.
So it’s been 21 days for me… everything i uploaded since then has been moved to “special circumstance” queue too … :confused:

What’s that Special Circumstance queue? Never heard of it before.

Im guessing uploading to many items at once will leave some in this queue? wild guess.

More informations about “special circumstance” items : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269600-Special-Circumstance-Items-in-the-Review-Queue

I didn’t know about that until last week… !

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