What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

Around 5 days for music item :slight_smile:

5 days, corporate category :slight_smile:

5 days Corporate

5 days Hybrid Rock Trailer)

5+ days and “Temporarily held for further review”

5 days and rejected Any ideas about rejection?

6.5 pack and 4.5 cinematic track.

4.5 days for ambient

Rock Pack - 7-8 days.

5 days for Hybrid

Almost five days for a folk track

5.5 days cinematic

5 days for Hybrid :slight_smile: That’s cool

A bit over 5 days for New Age

5 days and few hours for cinematic track.

More than 6 days and not reviewed yet, Corporate track

6,5 days cinematic hybrid

6,5 days .

6 days for Hybrids )))

6 days (or little more).