What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

And suddenly 24 days, accepted in the same day with 29 days queue. Shorter queue as promised?I hope so :smile:

Something wrong. On this page it tells approve time is 24 days http://quality.market.envato.com/audiojungle

But my logo still in queue for 29 days.

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Same here.

it is not clear why this figure is 90%, which never changes? It resembles a toy phone with buttons that do not work

Huh? What is this %? i don’t have it on my profile.

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It’s extension for broser:

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Waiting for…


Dam’n, that’s crazy, man!

As you sees. It is reality.


1 Month - My Submission Approval!

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OMG!!! 1 Month it’s too much :frowning:


This says for Sound 24 days, waiting 29 days. I did upload many sound FX

Omg… This is too much!

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Yikes! 1 month now? I though june would see a decline in review time.

Not with so much flow of items now

I think we have been hit by a range of new “artists” that are just stealing music and trying to sell it on here - and of course new genuine artists too. I can’t see them being able to reduce the review time anytime soon.

Its clear though that something has “pushed in” the queue or we wouldn’t have experienced extra delays - so I guess many artists get cuts in the queue?

1 month 3 days on a pack and still waiting… 29 days for a corporate track and still waiting

Almost a month.

There’re just 2 solutions for this:

A: The bar has to be raised.
B: Ludicrous Speed:

You decide


I would appreciate if someone from envato would explain what is going on with the review queue because what I experience ( and i believe not only me) doesn’t match with the aproximate official review time on the site. Do some authors ( new) have less time to wait than others? Thank you